residual noise drones and convoluted beats from the outskirts of the city


/ CTRT001

Noiselets – a noise music microfestival is a fast paced adventure through randomness and chaos organized by the online records label Carpal Tunnel. Like an automatic scan in a broken radio receiver, we captured 7 different approaches to electronic noise music live over less than 90 minutes. Life is short.

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**Album Credits**

Recorded January 8, 2017, at Sala Freedonia, Barcelona.

Released January 8, 2018.

**Performers**: scmute, peterMann, Martin Hug, Faraldo, 0001, Miquel Parera, Urge to Kill

**Recording**: Samuel Valls (Freedonia), Gerard Roma, Anna Xambó

**Mastering**: Anna Xambó

**Photographer**: Helena Coll

**Artwork**: Carpal Tunnel