residual noise drones and convoluted beats from the outskirts of the city


/ CT002

init is the first release by peterMann on Carpal Tunnel, a collection of 12 minimalist compositions of rough electronic sounds, subtle dissonances and field recordings interleaved into aggressive rhythms and dark ambiances. An hypnotic walk through industrial landscapes filled with unexpected dangers. A must for those interested in slow experimental techno.

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Tokafi, April 2010

(...) And yet, as the album continues, something strange begins to happen: A narrative is emerging, an undeniable mood is manifesting itself and each new track seems to be related to the others. „Init“ doesn't feel as dark, demure or dangerous as one might be inclined to think, but rather gradually veils the listener in a cocoon of industrial ambiance. Which is why this record actually makes for a veritable, if slightly unsettling, album-statement. The return of Noise as concept art – the wonders never stop.

Tobias Fischer

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Textura, May 2010

(...) What init basically amounts to is fifty minutes of raw noise patterns, muffled blasts, and granular rumble. Winds blow across hydraulic beat patterns that peterMann strips back to their skeletal essence while grime coats the rough landscapes' surfaces like dirt on a windshield.

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Cyclic Defrost, September 2010

(...) Fans of ultra stripped back, abstracted and devolved techno along the lines of Metamusik and Mille Plateaux’s ‘Clicks ‘N’ Cuts’ series should find much to admire on ‘Init’; an impressive debut that reveals new mirage-like details with each repeated listening.

Chris Downton

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