residual noise drones and convoluted beats from the outskirts of the city


/ CT004

On the Go is the new aural report from peterMann, on a trip through unexplored territories. A collection of dense and noisy ambiances seasoned with interferences, tweets and crackles, suggesting the presence of unseen life forms. A solitary excursion for the adventurous isolationist. Available now as a digital download from the usual online stores.

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Igloo Magazine, January 2013

(...) Like dedicated servers humming in the background emitting their warm buzz of clicks, sizzles and static flows, On The Go presents hypnotizing bass and a maturation of sound that grows from the opening phases through its eventual closure.

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Textura, February 2013

(...) Though the temperature is ice-cold and the feel thoroughly isolationist, On the Go does appeal, albeit in some perverse way. The material carves out a unique, zombie-fied space for itself within an ever-expanding landscape of musical genres and mutations, and there's certainly no denying that within that space room enough should be allowed for Carpal Tunnel's distinctive brand of creeping hermeticism.

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